About me

Hello there! I’m Emily E. Garrison, and I’m thrilled to have you here at my virtual home. This website is your exclusive pass to explore my world of creativity as a writer-actor-director and all-around helpful individual, currently thriving in the bustling city of New York.
I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the most esteemed names in the industry, collaborating with Nightdrive, The Public Theater, Shakespeare in the Park, Ars Nova, The Neon Coven, The Horizon Theater, Taylor Mac, The Tony Awards, and Sweet Tea Shakespeare. Each experience has shaped me as an artist and allowed me to share my passion with the world.
Originally from the inspiring city of Portland, Oregon, I ventured to pursue my love for playwriting, earning a BA in Playwriting from Brown University. Now, I’m further honing my craft as a Playwriting MFA candidate at Columbia University, eager to expand my creative horizons.
This website is a space where you can dive into my diverse portfolio, from my self-produced projects to my thrilling performances. Whether you’re a fellow theater enthusiast seeking inspiration or simply curious about my artistic journey, I hope you find joy and inspiration within these pages.
Join me as I continue to explore the limitless possibilities of storytelling and creativity. I’m dedicated to making a positive impact on the artistic community and beyond, and I’m delighted to have you along for the ride.
Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet at https://emilyegarrison.com/, and I hope you enjoy the captivating universe of Emily E. Garrison!