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134+ Songs with America in the title: Country, Rock, Hip hop

Discover a curated list of 134+ songs with America in the title, spanning genres from country and rock to hip-hop. Dive into the melodies that celebrate, critique, and explore the essence of America through music. Perfect for playlists that resonate with the American spirit with Emily E. Garrison!

Top songs with America in the title

Discover a collection of top songs with America in the title, showcasing a diverse blend of genres that capture the essence of American spirit and pride in their lyrics and melodies.

1 . American Honey Lady A

2 . America’s Sweetheart Elle King

3 . American Town Ed Sheeran

4 . American Teen Khalid

5 . American Oxygen Rihanna

6 . American Dream Adhes

7 . America the Beautiful Ray Charles

8 . American Remains Johnny Cash

9 . American Idiot Green Day

10 . American jesus Nessa Barrett

11 . American Money BØRNS


13 . American Beauty Thomas Newman

14 . American Psycho II B-Real

15 . Your Best American Girl Mitski

16 . American Prometheus Ludwig Göransson

17 . Americana Na Vaquejada Grandão Vaqueiro

18 . America Pakka Ho Liya (feat. Anukul Choudhary)

19 . American Cliché FINNEAS

20 . American Venom Woody Jackson

21 . America’s Most Blunted Madlib

22 . Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron & Wine

23 . Not The American Average Asking Alexandria

24 . 2Am nas Américas Larry June

25 . Looking For America Lana Del Rey

26 . Who Will Survive In America Kanye West

27 . American Nights Morgan Wallen

28 . Take Me To America Salvatore Ganacci

29 . This is Not America (feat. Ibeyi)

30 . American Romance Michael Marcagi

31 . Breakfast In America Supertramp

32 . Last American Summer Flatland Cavalry

33 . Surf Wax America Weezer

34 . So American Portugal. The Man

35 . Miss America J. Cole

36 . Morning In America Durand Jones

37 . Mtg Pique American Pie Dj Aguilar

38 . American Attraction Anti-Flag

39 . Otherside of America Meek Mill

40 . Fiesta En América Chayanne

41 . American Oxygen Rihanna

42 . America Yendralum Kuppusamy

43 . We Called It America NOFX

44 . AMERICAN WASTELAND nascar aloe

45 . the last great american dynasty Taylor Swift

46 . American Horror Show Rain Paris

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Rock songs with America in the title

Dive into the electrifying world of rock songs with America in the title, featuring iconic tracks that embody the rebellious and free-spirited nature of American rock music through the decades.

1 . America Without Tears Costello

2 . Young Americans Bowie

3 . American Woman Bachman

4 . American Tune Simon

5 . American Pie McLean

6 . American Girl Petty

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Hip hop songs with America in the title

Immerse yourself in the dynamic and expressive universe of hip hop songs with America in the title, where artists use sharp lyrics and beats to comment on social, political, and cultural aspects of American life.

1 . Childish Gambino – This Is America

2 . Tom MacDonald – “America”

3 . Eminem – White America

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Country songs with America in the title

Experience the heartfelt storytelling of country songs with America in the title, where country artists bring to life tales of American landscapes, values, and traditions with their distinctive twangs and melodies.

1 . Sold American Friedman

2 . Toby Keith – Made In America

3 . Rodney Atkins – It’s America

4 . Toby Keith – American Soldier

5 . Kenny Chesney – American Kids

6 . Toby Keith – American Ride

7 . Donald Trump – Make America Great Again

8 . Trace Adkins – Somewhere In America

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Jazz songs with America in the title

Delve into the smooth and sophisticated world of jazz songs with America in the title, featuring compositions that weave the rich tapestry of American history and culture through intricate melodies and improvisations.

1 . South American Way McHugh

2 . American In Paris, An Gershwin

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Exploring over 134 songs with America in the title reveals the diverse ways artists from country, rock, and hip-hop genres engage with themes of patriotism, critique, and the American experience. This collection not only entertains but also offers a reflective look at the nation’s cultural and social landscape through the universal language of music.

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