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145+ Songs with river in the title: Rock, Country, Hip hop

Discover over 145 songs with river in the title across various genres including rock, country, and hip hop. Dive into a collection of melodies that celebrate the power, beauty, and mystique of rivers in music with Emily E. Garrison!

Top songs with river in the title

Explore the top songs with river in the title across genres. Discover timeless classics and modern hits that evoke the beauty and power of flowing waters.

1 . River Flows In You Yiruma

2 . River Of Tears Alessia Cara

3 . Rivers of Babylon Boney M.

4 . Riverside Agnes Obel

5 . Hold Back The River James Bay

6 . Rivers and Roads The Head And The Heart

7 . Rivers In the Desert Lyn

8 . Moonlight on the River Mac DeMarco

9 . River of Deceit Mad Season

10 . Like a River Ocie Elliott

11 . Moon River Louis Armstrong

12 . Take Me to the River Al Green

13 . Green Noise Rolling River Gentle Nature
14 . At the River Groove Armada

15 . Glacier Rivers Malou Lovis

16 . Find The River R.E.M.

17 . Mouth Of The River Imagine Dragons

18 . Whiskey River Willie Nelson

19 . Hrazdan River Nestos

20 . I Follow Rivers Marika Hackman

21 . Wait by the River Lord Huron

22 . Black River Killer Blitzen Trapper

23 . Where The River Flows Collective Soul

24 . Down To The River To Pray Alison Krauss

25 . River Creek with Birds
26 . Up the River

27 . Harlem River Blues

28 . Big River Johnny Cash

29 . The Humbling River Puscifer

30 . Falling Rivers Yolta
31 . Quiet Rain in River Stereo Outdoor Sampling
32 . South of the River Tom Misch

33 . The White River Jeremy Soule

34 . Rolling on a river Nimo

35 . East River Drive Grover Washington

36 . Still Rivers Nogymx

37 . Rain Forest Lullaby Emerald River
38 . River Bank Kaleidoscope
39 . Blue River Lester Hope

40 . Birds By The River Blueberry House Meditations
41 . Okutama River
42 . By the Rivers Dark Leonard Cohen

43 . Across the River Jam’addict

44 . I Met Her By The River Dawda Jobarteh

45 . Wye River Little Symphony

46 . Run by the River Ali Gilbert

47 . Parting at the River of Three Crossings Hong Dae Sung

48 . Steel River Chris Rea

49 . There’s a River Erik Nieder

50 . Mist On The Blue River July Sunrise
51 . Rivers Run Red Bolshiee

52 . thornapple river drive Luna Solis
53 . Liu Yang River Hong Ting

54 . John’s River Charles Bolt
55 . Draggin’ The River Ferlin Husky

56 . River at Dawn Kate Stone

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Rock songs with river in the title

Rock out to iconic songs with river in the title. From anthemic ballads to gritty tunes, these songs capture the essence of rebellion and freedom.

1 . Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Claypool

2 . Somewhere Down The Crazy River Robertson

3 . Down By The River Young, Neil

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R&B songs with river in the title

Immerse yourself in soulful songs with river in the title from R&B legends. These tracks blend smooth vocals and emotive lyrics, reflecting love, longing, and resilience.

1 . You Don’t Pull No Punches, But You Don’t Push The River Morrison

2 . Take Me To The River Green, A., & Hodges

3 . River Deep, Mountain High Spector, P., Barry

4 . Many Rivers To Cross Cliff, Jimmy

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Hip hop songs with river in the title

Dive into the world of hip hop with dynamic songs with river in the title. Experience lyrical prowess and infectious beats that paint vivid urban landscapes and personal narratives.

1 . Offset – ON THE RIVER | Vevo ctrl

2 . Young Dolph – On the River ft. Wiz Khalifa

3 . Eminem – River ft. Ed Sheeran

4 . Joyner Lucas – Like A River ft. Elijah James “Evolution”

5 . Sexyy Red ft. Sukihana – Born By The River

6 . Mir Fontane – Down by the River

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Country songs with river in the title

Experience the heart of America with country songs with river in the title. These melodies celebrate rural life, love, and the enduring spirit of the land along winding waterways.

1 . Too Many Rivers To Cross Howard

2 . Old Rivers (aka That Mule, Old Rivers, And Me)

3 . Run Softly, Blue River Cash

4 . Lonesome River, The Stanley

5 . Big River Johnny Cash

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Jazz songs with river in the title

Let smooth jazz songs with river in the title transport you to tranquil watersides. Feel the rhythm of the currents and the soulful improvisation echoing through these timeless compositions.

1 . Ol’ Man River Kern, J., & Hammerstein

2 . Cry Me A River Hamilton

3 . Lazy River Carmichael

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Explore the rich tapestry of musical tributes to rivers with over 145 titles spanning rock, country, and hip hop genres. From classic ballads to modern anthems, these songs with river in the title capture the essence of rivers in all their splendor, making them a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

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